Employee Wellness Solutions

Employees love our services because we provide them with upbeat, motivated, members of our team to lead them through their fitness challenges. For those who do not like group fitness, can provide individual training sessions. A Certified Personal trainer who can help your team achieve their wellness goals is provided for group and individual sessions. […]

Are You a Gym Owner?

Pangaea Wellness & Development provides highly-trained, professional personal trainers for your gym and classes, proudly wearing custom workout clothes bearing your company logo. Your employees will be provided some logo gear and will have the opportunity to purchase more, so your company colors will fly proudly during their workout and while out in public. […]

Need a Personal Trainer?

Our professional trainers will develop specific programs, from specialized boot camps, quick start programs, bridal programs, sports performance, and more so that everyone can work at their level and grow to their full potential. Nutritionists and wellness instructors will continue to help your employees eat right and continue to live optimally. […]

Client Testimonials

I’ve been working out with the amazing team at New U for about a month. And in that short time, my scoliosis pain has all but disappeared!
Murielle L,
In a short month, my range of motion has increased substantially and my spine is less rigid. All in all, I’m feeling great! My chiropractor is impressed with the results and I could not be more thrilled. Stop by and talk to Mel. You will make such a difference in your life by taking that first step!
Murielle L,
The training sessions are challenging but worth the result. I would recommend Pangaea Wellness & Development to anyone who wants to lose weight, increase their energy and strength, or improve their overall health.
When I first started training sessions at Pangaea Wellness & Development, my goal wasn’t to lose weight. I was out of shape, had low bone density and had neck and back pain resulting from a recent car accident. I could not walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded. After training with Mel, I increased my stamina so I could comfortably do cross fit type exercises, improved my bone density to the level where I am no longer in the high risk category, and I even completed a 5K race.
anon, satisfied customer
The team at New U listened and questioned and we came up with a plan together. I really feel like I have a group of people working to help me.
Murielle L,

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The Pangaea Mission
We would like to touch 1% of America with the best all-around nutrition and fitness program through the use of dedicated and goal-driven trainers, programs and services.
The Pangaea Philosophy
The Pangaea Promise
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