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Pangaea Wellness is dedicated to bringing all-around wellness to the masses by making fitness and nutrition attainable to people in any capacity. We tailor programs to meet all of our clients’ needs, from corporate wellness plans to individual training. We are currently contracting under corporations to put wellness plans in place that will help companies sustain a healthy workforce, including educational programs for nutrition and fitness as well as fitness classes and personal training programs for their employees.

Companies experience immense benefits when their employees’ physical health is improved and supported. Our corporate clients can attest to the fact that when their workforce fitness level improves so does production, attendance, and morale. Additionally, health care costs are decreased significantly as many illnesses can be avoided and treated with proper nutrition and exercise. We also work with gym/fitness center owners to take the stress and guess work out of personal training. We handle marketing and staffing trainers for various fitness and educational programs in gyms in order for them to expand their services by making higher quality fitness plans available to a larger potion of the public.

The result is more satisfied patrons in your facility. Whatever your company’s wellness goals are, we have the expertise and dedication to help you achieve them.

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