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Your employees are unique, and their fitness regimen should be tailored to each of their individual needs. What works for one person may not work for another. That’s where we come in — we use our 28 years of experience to customize affordable, realistic training programs for your staff which works as hard as they do.

Personal training today has become over-commercialized and mass produced, with companies trying to sell you a one size fits all plan. Instead of trying to make one program work for everyone, our studio takes a more personal approach. We are absolutely dedicated to helping you meet all of your wellness program goals, and by combining our experience and dedication with your commitment, we can guarantee amazing results.

Our Services

Your employees are your number one asset. Our wellness programs provide them with state of the art health assessments, including: body mass index, glucose tests to screen for diabetes, and blood pressure checks. Benefits of instituting a Corporate Wellness Program include:

  • Improved Employee attendance and productivity
  • Certified Personal Trainers (CPT) for group classes and individual sessions
  • Access to nutritionists, or provide approved insurance nutrition
  • Compliance of instituting a wellness program based on your company’s insurance goals/guidelines
  • Creation of incentive programs designed to reinforce healthy habits

Since exercise alone does not create a healthy lifestyle, we also provide access to an insurance approved nutritionist who will work with your employees to teach them healthy eating habits which will last them a lifetime. […]

Experienced, knowledgeable, and certified personal trainers are key assets in any gym. Staff your facility with our trainers, and you will experience all of the benefits of having professional training staff without the myriad issues more employees on payroll brings. Other benefits of having Pangaea Wellness & Development represent your gym include:

  • Provide Certified Trainers to your gym or classes
  • Take care of back office responsibilities (accounting, payroll, program, hiring etc)
  • Provide con’t education training for current and new trainers
  • Private labeling (train and wear your colors & logos)
  • Personal Training & group classes (boot camps, yoga, cardio boxing etc) for gyms and apartments

While in your facility, our trainers will proudly wear your company logo, lend all appearance of being members of your staff, and provide the highest level of service your Clients have come to expect from your organization. […]

Utilizing our personal training service can help you not only meet your fitness goal, but to create a healthy lifestyle that will enhance your well-being for many years to come. We design custom programs to meet every individual need, from specialized boot camps, quick start programs, bridal programs, and much more. Benefits of using our Personal Training services include:

  • In home services
  • Locate discounted membership prices to classes or gyms in your area
  • Provide specialized & tailored programs just for you (sports performance, quick start programs, boot camps, bridal programs etc)
  • Access to nutritionist & wellness instructors
  • Choose from 30, 45, or 60 minute classes

Working with a personal trainer provides you with both personalized attention and expertise tailored to your specific fitness goals. Not only will you reap the benefits of having a fitness professional help you attain your goals, but you will be able to do so in an individual setting. Your fitness goals are important, and you have the right to expect results from your personal trainer. […]

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