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We realize that the one size approach does NOT fit all corporate wellness plans. Instead of trying to make one program work for every size business, we take a more personal approach by carefully evaluating each situation prior to recommending a suitable plan. We are absolutely dedicated to helping you meet all of your wellness program goals, and by combining our experience and dedication with your corporate commitment, we promise amazing results.

Pangaea Wellness & Development can help you achieve all your wellness goals.

Your employees are your number one asset, and having happy, healthy employees helps maximize the overall productivity of any business. The best way to accomplish this is by implementing a corporate wellness program. Our wellness programs provide your business with state of the art health assessments, including: body mass index, glucose tests to screen for diabetes, and blood pressure checks.
Your employees will love having these screening tools readily available to them, and this will help them in creating a healthy lifestyle. With our team group fitness classes, they can work towards their personal fitness goals and see the results reflected in these screening tools. For those who prefer not to train with a group, individual personal training sessions are also available. Throughout the process, a Certified Personal Trainer is available to help them achieve their wellness goals.
The Pangaea Mission
We would like to touch 1% of America with the best all-around nutrition and fitness program through the use of dedicated and goal-driven trainers, programs and services.
The Pangaea Philosophy
The Pangaea Promise

Benefits of Our Corporate Wellness Program

  • Improved Employee attendance and productivity
  • Certified Personal Trainers (CPT) for group classes and individual sessions
  • Access to nutritionists, or provide approved insurance nutrition
  • Compliance of instituting a wellness program based on your company‚Äôs insurance goals/guidelines
  • Creation of incentive programs designed to reinforce healthy habits

And, since exercise alone does not itself create a healthy lifestyle, we also provide access to an insurance approved nutritionist who will work with your employees to teach them healthy eating habits which will last them a lifetime.

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