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One of the most important aspects of running a gym relates to staffing. How many trainers and support staff are you going to need to hire for startup and ongoing operations? If all goes well and your membership grows as you hope, you will obviously need to add to your staff. How many, and of what type? Who among them is who is CPR-certified and do you need one present during all hours of operation?

Trust Pangaea Wellness & Development to get your operation on track to success and take the worry out of running your gym.

Experienced, knowledgeable, and certified personal trainers are key to the success of any gym. Avoid the new trainer learning curve and hiring hassles by staffing your facility with our certified and experienced trainers. Experience all of the benefits of having professional training staff without having to worry about the myriad issues having more employees on payroll brings and allow yourself an opportunity to focus on growing your business.
Not only will we provide group training classes and personalized training sessions, but we’ll make sure our trainers have the continuing education they need to stay current on industry best practices while providing the best possible service levels to your customers. While in your facility, our trainers will proudly wear your company logo. They will look and act as if they are members of your staff and provide the highest level of service, while you get to skip all the recruiting costs and paperwork associated with hiring your own trainers.
The Pangaea Mission
We would like to touch 1% of America with the best all-around nutrition and fitness program through the use of dedicated and goal-driven trainers, programs and services.
The Pangaea Philosophy
The Pangaea Promise

Benefits of Our Corporate Wellness Program

  • Provide Certified Trainers to your gym or classes
  • Take care of back office responsiblities (accounting, payroll, program, hiring etc)
  • Provide con’t education training for current and new trainers
  • Private labaling (train and wear your colors & logos)
  • Personal Training & group classes (boot camps, yoga, cardio boxing etc) for gyms and apartments
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